Vox Guitar Amp Reboxing

The Vox on stage with Sulks in a previous life

I ended up with a beat up little Vox AD30VT about a year ago. It has a number of presets to emulate some different amps which are mostly bad, but you can get a pretty nice sound if you go for the clean settings. It had been serving me well at band practice for some time as is conveniently portable but at 30W you need to run at almost full volume to compete with drums in a band setting. We played at a house party earlier this year where I let the rest of the bands also use it which unfortunately resulted in the speaker blowing up after 5 hours at full noise.

The Vox comes with a 10 inch speaker which don’t tend to be as common. I picked up a cheap 12 inch speaker from the Swop Shop that was out of a Fender Blues Junior. I was hoping the case would be just big enough to squeese a 12 in… but unfortunately not. With the help of an amatuer carpenter friend Paul we spent an afternoon whipping up a new box from some ply he had picked up in hard rubbish.


The box after being sealed up:


It definitely wasn’t designed with acoustics in mind, but I’m really happy with the sound of the amp. Although the Blues Jr. is only a 15W amp, it’s speaker is 50W so I can happily crank the amp without fear.

To try and avoid my cats scratching the speaker cone I covered the front in some rubber matt from Bunnings.