Meizu Flyme Notifications Fix

Meizu are making some really great value phones. The operating system they come with is a skinned version of Android called Flyme. By default notifications don’t work for Facebook messenger and the Google apps most people use. This can be resolved by modifying the settings in the pre-installed “Security” app as follows.

1. Open the Play Store and install the “Google” app by Google Inc. if it isn’t already installed. Install all the apps that you need to get notifications like Messenger or Gmail.

2. Open the “Security” app




3. Open “Accelerator”


4. Open the Settings page by clicking on the cog icon in the top right hand corner.


5. Open the “Memory acceleration whitelist”


6. Click on “ADD TO WHITELIST” and select the apps for which you want to enable notifications and run in the background.

7. Go back to the main menu of the Security app and open the “Permissions” page.



8. Open “Auto-launched apps” and enable all the apps you want to run in the background.


9. Back to the Permissions page then open “Notifications of apps”



10. Enable notification for all your chosen apps.

11. Back to the Permissions page and open “App management”



12.On the “App management” page scroll down to each of your chosen apps and ensure they have “Notification” enabled. E.g. for Facebook Messenger:



13. Back to the main menu for the “Security” app and select “Power”



14. Open “Standby management” (which will have the confusing heading App management as below)


15. Allow any apps that you want notifications from to run in the background.

And finally we’re done.




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