Wiki Editing

It’s kind of difficult to search for information on how to edit a wiki without finding Wikipedia entries on that topic. Here are a few commands and links.

Basic Headings
Headings are surrounded by equals signs and will be automatically added to the page index, e.g.

== Header Two ==
=== Header Three ===
==== Header Four ====

At the end of the document insert the reference list, e.g.


And then for each item to reference:

<ref> </ref>

The reference numbering will be automatically generated (in the form [1], [2], …)

For references that will be used multiple times, the first occurrence is given a name:

<ref name="ReferenceOne"> </ref>

And that name is used subsequently:

<ref name="ReferenceOne" />

Images can be inserted as shown below. The image size can be specified in pixels. The ‘thumb’ option displays the image as a thumbnail. E.g.


Strike out text
<strike>Strike out text</strike>
Underline text
<u>Underline text</u>

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