1969 Skoda Sabre 1000MB

These are some photos of my first Skoda, 1969 Sabre (1000MB). They were taken in August 2008 when I first got it.


6 thoughts on “1969 Skoda Sabre 1000MB

  1. Hey. I’m attracted your photos skoda car. I write a book about exporting skoda car and I wanted to ask you a lot more detailed photos of the car. Mainly interiors and, if possible, so production in the motor plate. Thanks a lot in advance. Jiri Altman

    • I don’t have the 1000MB anymore but I do still have a 1974 S100L. Would be happy to give you any information I can about either, I’ll email you.

  2. Hello Austin,

    at the moment I’m compiling an article about the worldwide production of skoda cars before 1990 for our club magazine (Skoda club germany). Could I use your pictures for the aricle (especially the one with the badge “Sabre”)?

    kind regards,
    Ingolf Linke

    • Hi Ingolf,

      Definitely you are welcome to use my photos for your article. I have more photos of this car and also some of the 1974 Skoda 110L that I used to own. Would you like me to email you? Is the address you provided with this comment current?


      • Hello Austin,

        further photos would be very nice! Yes, my e-mail adress is current. Is your Skoda 110L made in New Zealand (old TREKKA plant?) or is it imported from the czechslovakia?


      • I was under the impression that they were both NZ assembled at the TREKKA plant, but I don’t still have them to check. I will email you soon 🙂

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