I adore GoogleDocs

This year I have been using GoogleDocs for all my Uni work and it has been invaluable! Instead of fearfully clutching my USB stick during my daily transitions between the computer lab and home I am now loving life in the cloud. Here’s a little how-to for few of the features I’ve been finding:

  • Automatic Table of Contents Page
    While you are writing your document, select headings and change their style to “Heading 1” and so on.
    At the start of the document go Insert > Table of Contents…
    In web view the table of contents will appear with hyperlinks to those sections in the document. When you go to print it will add the page numbers automatically.
    Whenever you make changes to headings, right click on the Table of Contents and go ‘Update Now’
  • Page Numbers
    Page numbering can’t be done in the footer as in Word. Go File > Print settings… > Include page numbers
  • LaTeX equations
    Go Insert > Equation to open up a LaTeX editing window
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