Making a Nintendo DS charger from a USB cable

I have just acquired a Nintendo DS original. It didn’t come with a charger but after inspecting the charger socket on the DS it looks very similar to a USB cable, enough so to fit a modified one!

  • I salvaged the end of a USB cable which I had cut up for something else. I used a male but a female could work with a bit of modification. The USB male is slightly wider than the socket on the DS so I cut off half of the shielding using small pliers:

    DS charger plug made from USB



  • As stated on the bottom of the DS, it requires 5.2V DC. I had a recently slaughtered Sanyo phone charger which puts out 5V DC which I decided to use. One could just as easily use the 5V from a USB port.
  • The USB cable I had was already cut in half, showing the familiar Red, Green, White and Black wires. The +ve and-ve terminals are reversed on the DS – the Red wire goes to the Negative and the Black wire goes to the Positive from the phone charger in my case. I just cut the rest of the wires short.
  • This is the final product!


    As you can see from the orange LED, it’s charging my DS splendidly.

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