Configuring Massey University Wireless for Linux

As there is no specific instruction set for Linux and I’m sure to need to set this up again, here are the steps which I use to connect to the Massey University Student wireless network. If anyone else other than me actually uses this let me know!

Open the network connections manager:
System > Preferences > Internet and Network > Network Connections

Click on the wireless tab and add a new network with the following properties:

The ThawteServerCA certificate can be downloaded from It will prompt for a name/email but you can enter a fake one as it doesn’t send anything to it.

In Firefox you will also need to do the usual:


9 thoughts on “Configuring Massey University Wireless for Linux

  1. Awesome man!
    Thanks for this, helped my girlfriend and I setup our Ubuntu laptops for Massey Palmerston North.

    • Howdy! I’m not sure about the details specific for gnome but if “Auto-detect proxy settings” in firefox doesn’t work you could specify the proxy. On the Wellington computers they are set to “” port 8080, I assume it would be something like “alb-cache” for you? Another thing to try is some of the other Thawte certificates as I hear this may have changed.

      Best of luck!

  2. Hi,

    Massey appear to have changed the wireless certificates within the past month or so – and I’m not able to get Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to authenticate using these instructions. Can someone else confirm that these are still valid (as of September 2010) ?


    • Thanks for pointing that out. From the Massey website it seems that Palmy is currently using ‘Thawte Premium CA’ and ‘Thawte Primary Root CA’ while Albany is still using ‘Thawte Server CA’. I will talk to ITS and find out about Wellington.

      • Thanks – I have been able to speak with ITS PN who have said that the new cert is nested, i.e. there is a need to have Thawte Primary & Premium (as you have mentioned). However, do you have any idea how to configure this in the UI, as there appears to be only one file that you can select for “CA Certificate”. Cheers.

  3. this is for my fellow Googlers, i came across this issue,
    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    to solve it just leave CA certificate blank i.e none,

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